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Don’t Drink the Water (Amy Jackson)
Crimes of the Heart (Amy Jackson)
Rehearsal for Murder (Rita Brewer)
A Season’s Greeting (Amy Jackson)
God’s Favorite (Rita Brewer)
Who’s Afraid of the Big Bad Wolf (Amy Jackson)

Laundry & Bourbon/Nice People Dancing to Good Country Music (Amy Jackson)
A Bad Year for Tomatoes (Karen Clancy)
The Mousetrap (Aimee Jordan)
Home for the Holidays (Rita Brewer)
Little Footsteps (Mechelle Bryson)
Star Spangled Girl (Rita Brewer)

The Gingerbread House in the Forest (Carrie Howell)
Peril on the Pecos (Rita Brewer)
1st Annual Not Necessarily Talent Show
Another Season’s Greeting (Amy Jackson)
The Philadelphia Story (Mechelle Bryson)
Steel Magnolias (Amy Jackson)



A Fate Worse than Death (Karen Clancy)
Barefoot in the Park (Amy Jackson)
2nd Annual Not Necessarily Talent Show
Romantic Comedy (Rita Brewer)
The Fantasticks (Amy Jackson)
Never Too Late (Rita Brewer)


The Odd Couple – female version (Mechelle Bryson)
3rd Annual Not Necessarily Talent Show
The Runner Stumbles (Rita Brewer)
An Evening on Broadway (Amy Jackson)
The Night Hank Williams Died (Amy Jackson)
The Curse of an Aching Heart (Rita Brewer)


Goldilocks & the Three Bears (Chris Presley)
6 RMS RIV VU (Amy Jackson)
Christmas Is… (Rita Brewer)
The Glass Menagerie (Amy Jackson)
Tung and Cheek (Rita Brewer)


The Trip to Bountiful (Chris Presley)

You’re a Good Man, Charlie Brown (Amy Jackson)

The Plight Before Christmas (Rita Brewer)

Arsenic and Old Lace (Amy Jackson)

They’d Hang You in Nashville (Rita Brewer)


The Diviners (Suzanne Snider)
Butterflies Are Free (Amy Jackson)
The Gift of the Magi (Jerry Ayers)
The Diary of Anne Frank (Chris Presley)
Foxfire (Rita Brewer)


Two Gentlemen of Verona (Carol Grimes)
Quilters (Jerry Ayers)
Murder at the Howard Johnson’s (Rita Brewer)
Approaching Zanzibar (Chris Presley)
The Curious Savage (Amy Jackson)
Peril on the Pecos (Rita Brewer)

Romeo and Juliet (Jerry Ayers)
Graceland/Laundry & Bourbon (Rita Brewer/Amy Jackson)
Rehearsal for Murder (Rita Brewer)
Barefoot in the Park (Debbie Davis)
Don’t Drink the Water (Amy Jackson)
Who’s Afraid of the Big Bad Wolf? (Amy Jackson)


A Midsummer Night’s Dream (Jerry Ayers)
The Miracle Worker (Jerry Ayers)
Ten Little Indians (Debbie Davis)
Farndale Ave. Murder Mystery (Jerry Ayers)
The Heiress (Amy Jackson)
Melodrama At DCT (Rita K. Brewer)


Twelfth Night (Jerry Ayers)

The Haunting Of Hill House (Jerry Ayers)

The Foreigner (Debbie Davis)

Sylvia (Rita K. Brewer)

Alice in Wonderland (Jerry Ayers)


Much Ado About Nothing (Jerry Ayers)

Noises Off (Jerry Ayers)

The Odd Couple (Debbie Davis)

Harvey (Amy Jackson)

An Evening of Mark Twain (Jerry Ayers)

The Curse of An Aching Heart (Rita Brewer)


As You Like It (Jerry Ayers)
Don’t Dress For Dinner (Elisa Guse)
84 Charing Cross Road (Rita Brewer)
The Cover of Life (Jerry Ayers)
The Dining Room (Rita Brewer)
Some Enchanted Evening (Amy Jackson)


The Comedy of Errors (Jerry Ayers)

Exit the Body (Elisa Guse)

A Streetcar Named Desire (Jerry Ayers)

A Texas Romance (Jerry Ayers)

You Can’t Take It with You (Mary Gahagan)

The Sunshine Boys (Rita K. Brewer)


Love’s Labour’s Lost (Jerry Ayers)

Smoke & Mirrors (Elisa Guse)

On Golden Pond (Amy Jackson)

Weekend Comedy (Rita K. Brewer)

Cheaper by the Dozen (Mary Gahagan)

Dearly Departed (Rita K. Brewer)

Merry Wives of Windsor (John Dement)
Everybody Loves Opal
No Opera at the Op’ry House Tonight or Too Good to be True (Rita Brewer)
Educating Rita (Amy Jackson)

The White Rose (Kim Jackson)
The Prisoner of Second Avenue (Mary Gahagan)


The Taming of the Shrew (John Dement)

The Lone Star Love Potion (Elisa Guse)

Love Letters (Amy Jackson)

Blithe Spirit (Amy Jackson)

Coming Apart (Rita K. Brewer)

Goldilocks and the Three Bears (Amy Jackson)


The Nerd (Genevieve Croft)

Holiday Memories (Dianne McFerren)

The Fourposter (Amy Jackson)

The Mousetrap (Scott Croy)

The Star Spangled Girl (Rita K. Brewer)

A Season’s Greeting (Dianne McFerren)
Sabrina Fair (Amy Jackson)
Angel Street (Steven Lindsay)
A Bad Year for Tomatoes (Elisa Guse)


The Complete Works of Shakespeare (abridged) (Jerry Ayers)
Murder on the Nile (Brad DeBorde)
Don’t Tell Mother (Elisa Guse
The Importance of Being Earnest (Steven Lindsay)
The Night Hank Williams Died (Amy Jackson)
Totally Red (Nathan Autrey)


The Odd Couple-female version (Stacey Yee)
Dial “M” For Murder (Steven Lindsay)
The Man Who Came to Dinner (Elisa Guse)
Butterflies Are Free (Amy Jackson)
Our Town (John Dement)
Peril on the Pecos (Rita K. Brewer)


The Hallelujah Girls (Jerry Ayers)
Murder by the Book (Genevieve Croft)
George Washington Slept Here (Elisa Guse)
Mary, Mary (Amy Jackson)
Doubt (Rita K. Brewer)
The Topa, TX Chili Cook-Off (Kevin Paris)


The Nerd (Genevieve Croft)
And Then There Were None (Danielle Clemens)
Don’t Dress for Dinner (Elisa Guse)
Weekend Comedy (Amy Jackson)
The Diary of Anne Frank (Kevin Paris)
The Curious Savage (Amy Jackson)


Arsenic and Old Lace (Jerry Ayers)
Exit the Body (Genevieve Croft)
You Can’t Take It With You (Elisa Guse)
Don’t Drink the Water (Amy Jackson)
The Miracle Worker (Kevin Paris)
Blithe Spirit (Danielle Clemens)


Father Knows Best (Genevieve Croft)
Laura (Kevin Paris)
Run for Your Wife (Elisa Guse)
Over the River and Through the Woods (Amy Jackson)
Proof (Danielle Clemens)
Nunsense, A Musical Comedy (Kevin Paris)


Moon Over Buffalo (Jerry Ayers)
Night Watch (Kevin Paris)
The Best Laid Plans (Elisa Guse)
Things My Mother Taught Me (Danielle Clemens)
Talley’s Folly (Amy Jackson)
All the King’s Women (Kevin Paris)


West of Pecos (Kevin Paris)
The Mystery of Irma Vep (Jerry Ayers)
The Odd Couple (Danielle Clemens)
Rehearsal for Murder (Elisa Guse)
Steel Magnolias (Amy Jackson)
Some Enchanted Evening (Kevin Paris)


Faith County (Danielle Clemens)

The Premature Corpse (Dawn McCallum)

The Sunshine Boys (Elisa Guse)

Pump Boys & Dinettes (Elisa Guse)

Tuesdays with Morrie (Dawn McCallum)

Lunch with Mrs. Baskin (Heather Winkelman)



You’re A Good Man, Charlie Brown (Elisa Guse)

The Trip to Bountiful (Kevin Paris)

A Christmas Carol (Jerry Ayers)

Love, Sex, and the IRS (Heather Winkelman)

Murder by Natural Causes (Dawn McCallum)

The Savannah Sipping Society (Amy Jackson)



An Evening of Culture: Faith County II (Joe Skrivanek)

Silent Sky (Kevin Paris)

Butterscotch (Heather Winkelman)

You Can’t Get There From Here (Amy Jackson)

Scotland Road (Dawn McCallum)

Beehive – The 60’s Musical (Elisa Guse)



Sandy Toes & Salty Kisses (Joe Skrivanek)

Artifice (Heather Winkelman)

Little Old Ladies in Tennis Shoes (Amy Jackson)

A Texas Romance (Kevin Paris)


Showtime in the Park (Amy Jackson)

Adam & Eve (Jerry Ayers)

(Covid-19 Pandemic – DCT closed for season)



The Marvelous Wonderettes '58 (Elisa Guse)

Tea for Three: Lady Bird, Pat & Betty (Amy Jackson)

6 Rms Riv Vu (Heather Winkelman)

Fireflies (Kevin Paris)

Key for Two (Elisa Guse)

The Wild Women of Winedale (Joe Skrivanek)


100 Years of Broadway (Elisa Guse)

Night Must Fall (Kevin Paris)

Dancing Lessons (Heather Winkelman)

Barefoot in the Park (Amy Jackson)

Spreading It Around (Brianna Roberts)

'Til Beth Do Us Part (Joe Skrivanek)


Always...Patsy Cline (Jerry Ayers)

Two Witches, No Waiting (Joe Skrivanek)
Radium Girls (Kevin Paris)
2 Across (Heather Winkelman)
The Mousetrap (Brianna Roberts)

Ken Ludwig's Leading Ladies (Elisa Guse)


Mama Won't Fly (Jerry Ayers)

The Lone Star Love Potion (Elisa Guse)
Not A Creature Was Stirring... (Amy Jackson)
Outside Mullingar (Heather Winkelman)
Prescription: Murder (Joe Skrivanek)

Nunsense II (Kevin Paris)

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